IRIS / Eddy Current Services

Internal Rotary Inspection Systems (IRIS) is the ultimate in ultrasonic tubing inspection. Performance proven in more than a million tubes in hundreds of plants worldwide, IRIS inspection is the efficient and reliable way to cut maintenance costs and virtually eliminate unplanned tubing failure.

The IRIS displays a unique, easy-to-understand 360� wall profile indicating inner diameter and outer diameter problems in tubing from 8 to 75 mm diameter.

This state-of-the-industry digital equipment allows us to inspect more tubes in less time. All gathered data can be recorded to a CD-ROM and reviewed by you before we leave the job site.

Click here to view a sample IRIS report.

Eddy Current

Eddy current testing is based on inducing electrical currents (eddy currents) in electrically conductive material. Any defect in the material�such as cracks, pitting, heat-treat variances, wall loss, or other discontinuity�will disrupt the flow of the eddy currents.

Texas Gamma Ray, LLC. uses highly sensitive multi-frequency eddy current instrumentation that detects these disruptions. Testing with multiple frequencies provides the best detection capabilities, from surface cracks to deep flaws, with speed and reliability.

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